VA…VKF1x Valve Actuator Assemblies with VKF1 Butterfly Valves


VA…VKF1x valve actuator assemblies include a Siemens SQM…
actuator reliably mounted to a VKF1… butterfly valve.


 Precision machined components enable a solid shaft coupling
 Shaft coupling provides a positive connection without actuator
or valve shaft damage
 VKF1… valve sizes from 1-1/4” to 8”
 Includes Siemens SQM33, SQM40, SQM45, or SQM5 actuator


VA…VKF1x valve actuator assemblies mount an SQM33, SQM40,
SQM45, or SQM5 actuator to a VKF1… butterfly valve. The Siemens
VKF1… valve and SQM… actuator are rigidly mounted with precisely
engineered brackets and couplings to ensure shaft alignment.
VKF1… technical instructions (n7673us) provide sizing and additional
valve information.

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