VA…VKP Valve Actuator Assemblies with VKP Characterized Valves

VA…VKP valve actuator assemblies include a Siemens SQM…
actuator reliably mounted to a VKP… characterized valve.


• Engineered for precise shaft alignment with less actuator wear
• Rigid and robust design
• VKP valve sizes from 1/2” to 2”
• Includes Siemens SQM33, SQM40, SQM45, or SQM50 actuator
• Various inlet and outlet flange sizes provide mounting options


VA…VKP valve actuator assemblies mount an SQM33, SQM40,
SQM45, or SQM50 actuator to a VKP… characterized flow valve.
The VKP… valve and SQM… actuator are rigidly mounted with
Siemens engineered brackets and couplings to ensure precise
shaft alignment. A variety of inlet and outlet flange options allow
for easy installation. VKP technical instructions (N7646) provide
sizing and additional valve information.

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